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The Return... of sorts

((SUMMARY: Cloud comes back to the garage, only to find that some things need much more clear instructions before attempting))

The drive back to the garage that he owned was uneventful, and he was thankful for that. The streets weren't too full of people, and it was a nice sunny day outside even as the sun began to slowly fade in the horizon. Rolling up to the garage, he mentally sighed at the sight of the place still standing where he had left it. That was another good thing to come back to, given the people inside attempting to learn about living. As he wheeled Fenrir into the garage, he could pick out no damage, no smell of something burning, no wild pattering of feet or screaming... yet another good thing.

Cloud remained seated before finally urging his weight to stand and leave Fenrir standing by the other three motorcycles. He walked to the stairs and crept up them, not wishing to disturb what the three could possibly be doing. It sounded like the television was one and glancing around, he could pick out two silver-haired forms enchanted with the images on the screen. They... looked harmless just sitting there, and it didn't look like they had gotten into any trouble while he was gone. He could pick out a box of cereal on the floor, and that was a good thing. Kadaj hadn't attempted cooking anything, but... was that milk sitting there on next to the box? He hoped that they had used bowls for that adventure.

Slipping down the hallway silently to where Kadaj had dumped him, he paused at the sight of a small trail of corn flakes on the floor leading from the bedroom to the living room. What? Are they leaving Yazoo a trail to find them by? He stepped into his room and tossed aside his backpack, and he even removed his sunglasses and laid them on the bedside table, checking to make sure that everything was alright. His room appeared to be completely untouched, so he merely changed clothing since he had promised to take the three out tonight as a reward. Rewarding them for what? Probably give them a taste with what could be.

Stepping from his room again in just a pair a navy pants and sleeveless-sweater, he paused to go and investigate the bathroom. It was as he left it, and he would have to teach the three how and why they should clean up after themselves. Stepping inside, he shut the door and looked at the mess that had been left, nearly slipping on the last drying pool of water on the tiled floor. The bubbles in the bathtub were still evidence for a bath, but he spied his shampoo bottle inside, and he had to wonder how much Loz used to leave the cap off.

The name 'Loz' on his mirror gave obvious responsibility for this mess, and he decided to take the time to try and get that toothpaste off of his mirror... which took more time and effort than he thought he had. It wasn't dried enough to just chip off, so it smeared around in his attempts to get it off with toilet paper. He did eventually manage to get the toothpaste off, but it left him with instructions on what to do in a bathroom that he would give each and every one of them. The now clean mirror showed his reflection, and he didn't look very well, stressed already and he had only had the three for a day.

Glancing at the bathtub, he stepped over to investigate. He grabbed the shampoo bottle and turned it over so that all the water poured out into the bathtub, and he came to realize that Loz had used to the entire bottle in the bath... most likely for bubbles. He soothed himself with the fact that the bottle had only been a quarter full, but that was still a lot to lose given how short Loz's hair was. He took the bottle and dumped it into the bathroom garbage can before taking the head of the shower and washing down the bathtub to get rid of all the bubbles and make sure that was all that Loz had used up. Lost a bottle of shampoo and toothpaste... it could be worse. He could have found the spare bottles and coated the walls to draw me a picture.

So, his bathroom had suffered losses, but there were no casualties thankfully. He could deal with a little mess, even if a memory of the trail of corn flakes was nagging at him. He would be sure to tell them to get a bowl and use utensils. That was on the next list of things to do, since the little monsters were entertained with television. That would going to rot their brains, so he would have to think of getting them some board games and other mentally stimulating activities. He had the urge to give them a world domination game, but that might have been pushing some buttons that he didn't want to actually have go off on him.

Checking that his bathroom was once again clean, he stepped from it and padded down the hall, thinking that they had gone long enough without a meal. Maybe he would make them something simple first and work his way up to complex. He wasn't sure he wanted to start them off with anything hot either, since he wasn't certain if the concept of hot and cold was apparent. The last thing he needed was for them to burn their mouth and whine at him about hurting them.

He slipped into the kitchen silently and moved to look and see what he had in the fridge. He didn't know what they even liked to eat, so he would have to find that out as quickly as possible. Looking inside the fridge, he thought of making each a sandwich to soothe them until dinner, but something new caught his attention completely. It hadn't been there when it had left...

Turning his head, his eyes fell on the stove element where a seemingly innocent can of soup sat. The can didn't look damaged, though the paper that specified what it was had curled up and shrivelled. He could see an element light on, and he stepped over to investigate just what was going on here. The front element was on, meaning that the can was being heated... and at a very high temperature. The timer was on as well, and it read 14 minutes on the count down. How long had this thing been on? He nudged it with a finger and the can literally trembled threateningly and burned even at the brief contact. It had to have been on the element for a fair bit of time.

Stepping away when the can began to shake on the element, Cloud reached over and grabbed a wooden cutting board as he slowly backed himself out of the kitchen. The rattling can shook dangerously before it jumped a little on the element. Before he knew it, the can whistled loudly and flew off the element, slamming into the cupboards above it then ricocheted off and flew at him still whistling loudly, seeking to take his head off or the like. Ducking was not an option at the speed the can was going, so he relied on warrior instincts and parried the can of doom with the cutting board, watching as it went sailing in the opposite direction and bounced off several of the cupboards while still making that annoying squealing noise.

Hitting a cupboard nearby, the can leapt into the air and suddenly exploded, sending noodles, chunks of chicken and boiled broth to every corner of the kitchen, including himself. He attempted to get as much of himself covered with the cutting board at the onslaught of hot substance, but some of it managed to coat the skin of his arms and soak into his pants. He managed to get slapped by a noodle that continued to cling and burn his arm, but he peered over the cutting board to make sure that it was safe again despite the burning sensation on his skin.

The can lay on the floor blown in two, and his kitchen was a complete mess where broth and chicken and noodle clung to every aspect of the cupboards, floors and ceiling. The smell of burning soup caught in his nose as the stove element was still on and some of the substance had caught on it, and he quickly moved to shut it off. He stood in the middle of his near destroyed kitchen and ignored the burning broth, instead reaching into his pocket and taking out his silver case, downing two pills to keep the impending headache at bay so he could clean this mess up.

He sighed and knew that it was not his place to be angry. They had yet to know any better, and he had not been specific enough in his instructions... except for the one about him making them something to eat when he got back. He could at least admit that they were trying to learn, which was what he wanted. He just wished that had waited for him to be there before anything blew up. Still... at least the garage was standing.
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