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When did the house start to feel so empty? I haven't hear any noise aside from wind and my own shuffling around in a couple of days now. It's... odd. I suppose I never realized how large this six-bedroom house is until there is no one in it except me. I almost feel like leaving to going to the other apartment even if it isn't our date to meet up... but it's rather lonely here.

...they aren't coming back, are they? I did damage that can never be undone, and it seems that I pay the price. I knew I shouldn't have pushed...

I suppose it is alright and that I can get used to it. Yazoo never spoke to me, and he probably still hates me for... I don't know what, but he doesn't need a reason. Loz and I stopped interacting much... my fault with work and dealing with Sephiroth; he never did like me much either. That makes two of the three. Kadaj left rather quickly after the confrontation, so I believe he was upset at me and no communication indicates what he currently thinks of me. I can't blame him; it was my fault anyway.

Still... I don't like this empty house. I should call Tifa or... do something/anything productive with myself. I'll clean up the house and do... dishes and... stuff. I can do that.

Maybe I should go and visit Vincent... he seems rather insistant about communicating with me. I hope he is alright.
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