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Entry 002

Cloud let out a long shaky breath, the throb of the severe headache in his temples making his eyelids crush shut for a moment before he regained control. He pushed back any reaction to the throb by picking up the small metal case next to the bed he was sitting on and tapping out four round white pills. He stared at them for a moment before throwing them back, swallowing them down without the need for water and waiting for relief to kick in.

He slipped the case into his pocket so that it was hidden once again then set his elbows on his knees, rocking himself a little. The throb intensified in his temples, but he forced no reaction to appear even as he suffered in the silence of his own room, unable to show what lay just below skin and bone. There was a sharp jarring through his skull before the throb slowly died away, clawing at his consciousness desperately, trying to keep a hold on him. He remained perfectly still as the echoes slowly pulled away and he was left with complete silence once again.

Raising his boots up so that only the balls of his feet remained, he slammed them down on the wooden floors again, the sound a crack of noise that caused his attention to focus again. His blue eyes flicked up from the floor to the door then moved around the small room that was his own in the 7th Heaven, pupils constricting down so that his eyes actually focused again. He took in the small desk with the picture set on it then the papers scattered there, moving to the walls then the bed he sat on. It was like looking at a place he had never been in before.

The corner of his lips tightened faintly before the muscles of his legs constricted, and he rose to his feet with a foreign yet natural grace that his body now possessed. He stood in silence for a long moment, perfectly balanced before he took a slow but accurate step forward then another.

His weight shifted without effort, the fluid motion of muscles and bones and tendons working together to drive his potential energy into forward momentum. The working muscles stretched and contracted under his skin, rolling with each shift of his weight, a beautiful coordination of strength and dexterity even in such simple motions.

Cloud stopped when he stood by the desk and one gloved hand reached out and shifted around the papers until he found one that seemed to catch his attention above all the others. He picked the sheet up and read the neat script scattered across the white material, his eyes stopping upon a date and a city.

Junon, tomorrow… drop off Shinra motor parts to Main Navel Office.

He set the paper down automatically on top of the other order forms that were scattered in organized disarray. He sighed heavily before a spot of red suddenly appeared on the paper that he had been previously holding onto, his eyes focusing on the spatter of crimson before another appeared next to it, the red leaking together. He reached out slowly and ran a gloved finger over the spots, smearing them a little before a third joined the other two. He drew his hand back with a sudden jerk.

The blood rain will fall…

Lifting his hand to his nose, he came away with wetness, yet another droplet splashing on the milky white paper. Silently, he grabbed a tissue and stopped the further fall of blood from his nose, an occurrence that was becoming more and more frequent. He remained standing silently until the bleeding stopped and sniffed to make sure that it wouldn’t start again, wincing a little a pang of pain in his skull that usually accompanied the bloody noses rang through before fading from the medication that was already circulating his system.

He shook his head a little and smoothed his hair into proper order before he walked out of the bedroom to check up on the family, the blooded tissue slipping into his pocket instead of a wastebasket in the house. No one would know any better this way, as it should be.
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